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Grandlark Investments Inc. (GII) is a boutique private equity group, based in Vancouver ,BC, that specializes in investing in commercially viable companies who have a strong product development channel and significant scaling potential. While we do consider companies across North America (our most recent acquisition was originally based in San Diego, CA), we are especially focused on opportunities based in British Columbia, including Vancouver and the lower mainland. 

Typical deal size is between $200,000 CDN and $4,000,000 CDN.  We usually require a majority position and prefer that the current owners maintain a significant minority stake in order to benefit from future growth.  As a small private equity group, we are the right choice for owners who want to remain relevant and key to the on-going development of their business. 

Our team is expertly positioned to maximize organic growth in our enterprises with an internal senior team that has more than 150 years of combined experience in sales and marketing, operations, HR and finance.  Welcome aboard!

Grandlark Investments

Our Current Investments

Simpson Associates

Executive Search

TAIS Performance Systems

TAIS Performance Systems Inc.

Psychological Publishing & Distribution

Oceans Apart Management

Oceans Apart Management

Psychological Appraisals


Industries of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturing sector
  • Psychological assessment instruments
  • Green initiatives

We are especially focused on commercially proven companies with strength in product development that require:

  • Access to capital
  • Expertise in assembling superior teams in order to rapidly scale through first-class execution on strategy, operations and sales and marketing.

Why Work With Us

The companies we bring into our portfolio are  enterprises that have just transitioned into commercial viability. In many cases, it is to be expected that such an enterprise has not fully developed its talent roster.  Having the resources to continue to expertly fill out the team is critical to the on-going development and success of a new acquisition.  

To that end, Grandlark Investments Inc. (GII) strategically owns, as one of its investments, a top-flight, very well managed recruiting company that has there sources and know-how to cover any gaps in the talent roster of any business. 

As well, we also have deliberately acquired a battery of very sophisticated psychological tests that are a cornerstone to ensuring wise “people choices.”  

In addition, we have one of the top ten psychologists in the world as the Executive Vice Chair of one of our other acquisitions and our founder brings over forty years of experience in business operations.  

Grandlark Investments has the experience and know-how to ensure that your business, the one you have put your heart and soul into, the one you still have an equity position in, grows in a meaningful and exciting way.  We look forward to working with you.