Oceans Apart Management

When it comes to psychological assessment, we're Oceans Apart.

Our world-renowned psychological assessment tools allows us to dive deep and provide insight on what makes people tick.

Assess Your Team

In order to make the most of your team you need to understand what makes them tick. We evaluate how they perform under pressure, in your specific environment, with your specific team. By identifying and coaching high-functioning people and teams at elite levels, we help you build a C-Suite that performs like a well oiled machine.

Assess Your Potential Hires

Gut instinct can only take you so far. Using the world’s most complex and revealing psychological assessment tool, we help you fill in the blanks with any potential hire.

Use our Tools Internally

If you are a large organization with multiple hires done on a monthly basis, we can help you implement our tools to aid in the vetting process narrowing your choices and weeding out individuals who don’t meet your specific criteria.


OAM is dedicated to providing first-class, performance predictive, psychometric assessment directly to organizations and businesses, across North America and beyond, who demand and expect the very best in predictive performance behaviour analysis.

Oceans Apart Management Inc. (OAM) is a master distributor of The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) Inventory, one of the most sophisticated and powerful performance assessment tools in the world.

TAIS users and practitioners recognize this instrument as one of the most effective, performance-focused, psychometric tools of its kind.

Whether identifying and coaching high-functioning people and teams at elite levels or evaluating, predicting and training individuals or groups of any kind and at any level, experts turn to TAIS to elevate their practice and results.

OAM provides two primary services:

  • To support TAIS with sports, corporate and military psychologists, coaches, trainers, psychometric practitioners and other experts, on a world-wide basis.
  • To deliver direct-to-end-user TAIS assessment results to a broad range of corporations, on an international basis.