There are more than 300 hundred articles written on The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) Inventory — and that number is growing. With this TAIS “library”, we hope to provide you with a partial list of articles to give you a better understanding of the TAIS assessment and various industries where it is utilized. These articles are available either for free, or else for a fee, via the links and on the company websites listed below. They have been categorized into Business, Sports, and Research and Information for easier reading.


  • Attentional and Interpersonal Characteristics of Restaurant General Managers in Comparison with Other Groups of Interest – Robin W. Pratt and David L. Whitney
  • Meeting the Challenges A Global Market Place – Robert M. Nideffer, Ph.D.
  • Predicting a Manager’s Level of Commitment, and Ability to Perform Under Pressure – Robert M. Nideffer, Ph.D.
  • Using Personality Tests for Selection, Screening, and Training: TAIS and “The Big Five Personality Characteristics” – Robert M. Nideffer, Ph.D.

Research and information

  • Attentional Style Variations and Athletic Ability: The Advantages of a Sports-specific Test – Stephen R. Van Schoyck and Anthony F. Grasha
  • Cue Processing as a Function of Breadth of Attention – JoAnn Reid and Anne Marie Bird
  • Generality and Specificity of Attention Belated to Competitive Anxiety and Sport Performance - Richard R. Albrecht and Deborah L. Feltz
  • Getting Into the Optimal Performance State – Robert M. Nideffer, Ph.D.
  • Issues in the Use of Psychological Tests in Applied Settings – Robert M. Nideffer
  • Measuring the Building Blocks of Performance – Robert M. Nideffer, Ph.D.
  • Paying Attention: a Study of Attentional and Interpersonal Styles of Hotel and Restaurant Administration Students – David L. Whitney and Robin W. Pratt
  • Psychological Inventories Used in Sport Psychology Research – Mark H. Anshel
  • Reliability and Validity of The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) Inventory Concentration Scales – Robert M. Nideffer, Ph.D.
  • The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) Inventory: Measuring the Building Blocks of Performance – Robert M. Nideffer, Ph.D.
  • Use of the Test of Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) in Sport – Robert M. Nideffer


  • A.C.T.: Attention Control Training - Robert M. Nideffer, Ph.D.
  • An Examination of U.S. Olympic Sport Psychology Consultants and the Services They Provide – Daniel Gould, Shane Murphy, Vance Tammen, and Jerry May
  • Attentional Style and Powerlifting Performance – Robert W. McGowan, Billy J. Talton, and Jerome J. Tobacyk
  • Building a Psychological Profile of Olympic Medalists and World Champions – Robert M. Nideffer, Ph.D., Jeffery Bond, Alberto Cei, and Umberto Manili
  • Trading an I for an Eye - Robert M. Nideffer, Ph.D.